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We are pleased to announce the First Annual Bumpyhead Photo Contest. Over the years, these awards (known affectionately as the Wonderfuls) have grown in stature and are now generally considered to be the acme of a photographer's career.

There are rules. First, all awards are made in the sole judgement and total discretion of the judges. The following is a list of the judges:

Wonderful Cathy

All baby pictures submitted will be awarded a Honorable Mention but will not be eligible for an otherwise determined prize. This rule is considered necessary because of the way parents will equate "my baby's picture" with "my baby". In the everflowing attempt at community, then, baby pictures are simply not eligible. For similar reasons, pet pictures will generally be ineligible.

Remember, its the photo being judged ... not the subject.

There is a limit of one submission per month. The reason for this rule is obvious to anyone who has met the Weasel Boys. Without such a limitation, the Weasels would make so many submissions that the entire internet would be brought down.


The Prize

Although Bumpyhead subscribes to the philosophy that the journey is the reward, the Wonderful Cathy has agreed to provide the actual winner with a $50 gift certificate to the CompUSA (not affiliated in any way with the Wonderfuls). Second prize may be awarded as well (but again within the total discretion of the judges).


To Submit a Photo for Consideration

Simply send an email with the attached photo to: The Wonderful Cathy

Prior winners.

Current Entrants