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The family tripped to Colorado for Luann's wedding and a good time was had by all.

The visit to Central City had the oddity that there were two young ladies who came (roundabout) from our hometown of Andover Massachsetts. And, of course, there was the Face on the Barroom Floor.

Red Rocks is a natural amphetheater but there are some manmade additions.

The visit to the Air Force Academy was fun. The Wonderful Cathy noted that one of the Commanders was named Hosmer which, it so happens, is the name of one of her best friends.

Buffalo Bill is buried on Lookout Mountain. A great place to be buried if you really have to go. We met a nice couple who have been traveling around since they retired (from farming in Iowa). They were heading west.

Downtown Denver has its constabulatory of shops. A very nice place to spend a morning in the summer. We went to the mint but couldn't take pictures. Apparently there is a concern that if you took pictures inside the mint, someone would be able to case the joint.

For color and pagentry, though, when to go to Denver don't miss Casa Bonita. For a very fair price, you have all you eat (Mexican) and entertainment that is non-stop. The kids loved it. The grown-ups loved it. I particularly thought that an all you can eat refried bean supper is heaven on Earth.