Bumpyhead Productions
a wholly owned subsidiary of PPJ&C Enterprizes
the place to go when you have no other place to go


The history of Bumpyhead is, in a very real sense, the history of cinema in America. History of Cinema in America.

The history of Jerry, the Bumpyhead logo, is, in a very real sense, the history of logos in America. History of Logos in America.

In a very real sense, then, Jerry is Bumpyhead and Bumpyhead is Jerry. The two are entwined in a dance of cinema verite, each with a very real sense of what is, in essence, a very very real sense.

Jerry began life as a modest logo ... modest ... simply drawn ... to the point ... truly a Bumpyhead. Alas, the original Jerry has been lost to history. Oh, sure, some of the classic films may have an old Jerry with his toothy insincere grin ... a presage, almost, of Clinton who took the self-importance to new heights of hypocrisy ... but that Jerry is lost, and, in a very very very real sense, to the relief of all.

Jerry now is a smooth, sleek representative of what is now a smooth sleek professional artsy fartsy production company. Bumpyhead Productions specializes in bringing to light the darkest sides of human nature. Each production, more monolithic and more plodding that the one before, is decreasingly film and increasingly the reality of the virtual. The filmmaker becomes the story .... the image shapes the real.

As for mandolins, Bumpyhead Productions is not merely an image maker but provides inspirational music. How dark a soul will not shed a tear for humanity upon hearing "Muffins" for the first time.

In a very, very, very, very real sense, then, this is a mere place holder in time and cyberspace ... the History of Bumpyhead Productions is the future.

In a very, very, very, very, very real sense, then, Jerry is a goof-off and is always willing to kibbutz on SuDoku Puzzles.